Our storage modules are large enough to fit all your furniture from a typical 1 bedroom unit.

Length: 2.4m

Width: 1.8m

Height: 2.3m


The boxes come with a bolt lock on the door, you provide the padlock. We don't hold a key to the lock so we'll never have access to the box. We can supply the padlock if you need it, just ask the driver when they arrive.

The boxes are stored in a secure warehouse at 37 Howard Rd, Glenorchy. Your box will be protected by state of the art security systems, and free from vermin and damp.


Our storage modules are custom-built from the ground up using a high-grade wood composite. We use wood because of its structural integrity and because it's more resistant to mould and mildew than other materials. They are rated to store up to 1000Kg, more than enough to safely store your household furniture.


Our storage boxes are deceptively large. At 9.9 cubic metres, you'll be surprised at how much you  can fit inside.

Checkout our storage calculator to get an idea of how much you can fit inside!