Budget Box has the storage solution to suit your needs.

Box module storage is the most cost effective and secure storage solution. Your belongings are packed safely and securely into a weather-proof, mould resistant storage module and stored in our warehouse until you need them next. You can read more about the box here.

Looking for the cheapest, most secure storage in town? Here's how our Self-Drive Storage works...


Save cash with our self-drive option

Pack your car or van full of the things you need to store, drive to our warehouse and pack your storage box at our warehouse.  Just  Just call us on 1300 223 000 or email us to arrange a time to book in your drop-off time and we'll have the box ready for you.


We store the box

Your box will be stored safe and sound until you're ready to access your belongings. Our warehouse is safe and secure with protection against weather, damp, and vermin.

There is no fee for loading the box, you only pay your monthly rent.

Need to get to your stuff? We can make your storage box available to access at anytime during your stay with us. We just ask for 24 hours notice to get it ready for you.  Just call us on 1300 223 000 or email us to arrange a time.  If you decide you would like the box delivered to your address we can easily organise that for you.

For the the most convenient, time saving storage option, read about our Mobile Storage Option.